Jen Robson, CCH

Jen has been studying varying aspects of spirituality, and healing for many years.  What began as a childhood curiosity with "the other side" soon turned into a lifelong passion of expanding her self awareness, abilities, and connection to Spirit.

In 2003, Jen became a massage therapist at the Palmer Institute in Salem, Massachusetts and fell in love with making people feel well.

In 2013, Jen battled depression after losing her Mother to kidney failure. She decided to seek out an energy healer in hopes of feeling more "herself". The session changed something in her... she felt the energy moving and releasing where the intense grief was stored inside her throat and chest. Jen started researching how these crystals worked. She discovered the Love and Light Crystal school and hasn't looked back since! Also graduating from the CCH program through Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, as well as becoming a Usui Reiki Master, Jen can now implement the same life changing crystal healing and energy work for others as she experienced herself.


Jen continues to study alternative healing methods as well as continuing to expand and deepen her personal practice.  She has a true love for what she does and has found genuine joy in helping others to heal.